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New York Fashion Week

The four major fashion weeks basically reveal and determine the world fashion trends of the year and the following year. Because for most fashion companies, it takes at least six months to eight months to turn the design into a finished product. so the four major fashion weeks are about six months ahead of the next year.
Fashion editors have played a huge role. In each show, their main task is to find the intersection of the shows, which are basically the focus of next year. In this way, the annual trend is reached. In addition, major brands usually invite big-name fashion reporters to go to the brand headquarters to sample the costumes of the catwalk and interview the designers. Many reporters have gone deep into the samples of Milan, hermes rplica , hermes fake, Gucci and other big-name brands, directly interviewing brand designers. The four major fashion weeks have their own focus. The nature of New York, the avant-garde of London, the luxury of Paris and the novelty of Milan have become the hallmarks of these four fashion centers.

London Fashion Week

The International Fashion Week, held every year in New York, has a supreme position in the fashion industry, famous designers, famous brands, supermodels, stars and beautiful women.

New York Fashion Week

The neon feathers are intertwined with a luxurious fashion event.

Paris fashion week

The London Fashion Show, one of the world’s four major fashion shows, may not be as famous as the Paris and New York fashion shows, but it is known for its alternative fashion design concepts and exotic forms of exhibition. Some “fancy dresses” were presented in an ingenious way, bringing surprises to attendees.


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Milan Fashion Week

Milan is a famous cultural city with a long history in Italy. It used to be the largest city in Italy. Milan is one of the centers of the world’s fashion industry, and its fashion is world-renowned. Italy is a veteran textile and garment producing country and a strong country. The Italian textile and garment industry products are world-renowned for their perfect and exquisite design and technically advanced post-processing, especially the top brand-name products of Italian men’s and women’s fashion, leather garments hermes fake bags, leather shoes, hermes replica bags, etc. Leather products occupy an important position in the world textile industry.

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